Food Safety Modernization Act is on the way

Here it is.

Food Safety Modernization Act. By Lisa gene Cox

Food Safety Modernization Act

This is a law. I have never in my whole life read a document more poorly written. It is torchure to get anything our of this. It is amazing that something that is a law and everyone will be required to follow is incomprehensible, even to those who know this stuff.

For example:


And it reads like this throughout the entire document. We are going to do our best to put this in English. Agonizing, but it needs to be done. We plan to upgrade our HACCP 101 course with modules on FSMA and HARPC, and try to present this in an understandable format. If you do not believe me, go read it for yourself.

Current students of HACCP will have this added material added to their course, which they can access after logging in.

Give us a couple of months to do this. Here is the implementation schedules:

FSMA Implementation