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San Antonio Food Handler Program

We provide a movie based Texas Department of Health Services approved and licensed food safety course in both English and Spanish. This course has been approved by the City of San Antonio. NO TEST! San Antonio Food Handler.

Proporcionamos una película basado en curso de seguridad alimentaria aprobados y con licencia de Departamento de servicios de salud en inglés y español. Este curso ha sido aprobado por la ciudad de San Antonio. No hay pruebas! Precio total para este curso $6.75.

Complete State of Texas Food Handler Certificaiton $9.95

English Food Handler San Antonio $6.95 Click here

Manipulador de alimentos español de El Paso $6.95

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Advance in your profession:
San Antonio / Texas Food Manager Training ($29.95), with certificate.

San Antonio / Texas Food Manager Training ($29.95), with optional exam ($35.00 more at end of course.)

Texas Department of Health Services Food Handler Program

The Texas Department of State Health Services, San Antonio Food Handler Program, along with the Certified Food Manager Program, is dedicated to the health and safety of the citizens of the state, educating food service employees in the principles of food safety to produce safe food products for Texas consumers.

State Laws place the food safety of a food establishment on the Certified Food Manager of the operation. However, many cities and counties are increasingly requiring certified food handling safety training for all employees, and some require that this certification be registered with them. Check with your local health department to be sure.


The San Antonio Food handler and Environmental Health Services division works to ensure the maximum protection in food sanitation and environmental health.

The division reviews and approves construction plans for food establishment facilities within the City of San Antonio. The division also issues all licenses and inspects all food establishments according to the local health code and State regulations for the City of San Antonio and unincorporated parts of Bexar County.

Sanitarians investigate:

foodborne illness outbreaks,
smoking ordinance violations in food establishments and
other complaints

They also inspect:
day cares
foster care facilities
nutrition sites
assisted living facilities
public school cafeterias
hospital kitchens food booths and
mobile food vending
The division also ensures that all food establishment managers are certified per State regulations.

San Antonio Food Handler

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