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Texas Food Manager training, testing and certification. Valid for five years.


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After placing an order, go to the section below, “Instructions for enrolling in our Food Manager sub-site for any TBFST training or test.”.

Definitions and instrucions are below the payment links. After entering your information and paying, you will see a “Thank You”, when successful. Then come back to this page for instructions how to proceed.

All courses and tests come with a TX DSHS licensed instructor a text away!

Creating an account on our Food Manager site can be tedious and frustrating. The best solution is to text us that you are taking one of these courses, and let us take care of the account creation and other details ourself, but the procedure is detailed below if you wish to do it.
Email or text 512-855-8405 with any questions or problems.

Complete TBFST Food Manager training, test and certification good for five years $54.95.
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TBFST Texas Food Manager training – $39.95
TBFST Food Manager exam and five year certification $24.95

Food Manager Training

Complete Texas Food Manager Training w/ Certificate $49.95 ENG

We offer free financing. One payment now ($24.97) and one payment in 30 days.
Complete Texas Food Manager Training Financed $24.97 ENG.

Complete Food Manager training, test and certification good for five years $64.95.
Complete Texas Food Manager Training, test, and certification valid for five years $64.95 ENG,

We offer free financing for this package. One payment now (32.97) and one payment in 30 days.
Complete Texas Food Manager Training, test, and certification financed $32.97

Food Manager Tests

If you choose the TBFST exam, after paying, come back to this page for instructions, which are below.

TBFST Food Manager test – English – $24.95
Text us when you do this and waite for a response. It will save frustration.

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This CFM certification usually must then be registered with your local health district, call them to make sure.

Instructions for enrolling in our Food Manager sub-site for any TBFST training or test.

You will see “Thank You”on our main site when payment is successfull.
Must be paid first.
Go to, after reading and maybe writing down the instructions below first.
Texas Food Manager Site
It is paid, but You will have to register on this site for this course or test.
Click on “English Food Manager Training”. The Spanish is not yet available.
Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click “Create new account”

Fill out the information. For your username use your email address. It must be all lower case.
It will send you an email verification.

Click on “your registration has been confirmed.”
Then go to “Site home” in the menu in the upper left corner (three bars).
You will then see “Online Food Manager Training.”

Scroll to the bottom and put “food” in the enrollment key box.
Then click “Enroll Me”

You will then see your course and the videos to watch, or tests near the bottom.

If you have problems or questions, please email or text us at 512-822-1661 and we will help you.

To become a certified food protection manager, candidates must pass the DSHS-accredited food protection manager exam. or national ANSI exam. The safety training involves additional expenses, though the pay-off for the employee and employers is surely invaluable in the long-term. The training will not certify you as a food manager. It prepares you for the roles and responsibilities of a Texas Food Manager and enables you to sail through the exam, which does certify you as a Texas Food Manager. Certification is valid for five years.

State laws require that a state licensed Texas Food Manger be present at every restaurant, food cart, school, day care center, or other place that open food is sold or served to the public. It is the legal responsibility of the Food Manager to ensure that the employees of that establishment are serving safe food, and that the conditions of that food service are kept in accordance with the TFER, or Texas Food Establishment Rules.
This is a legally responsible position. Failure to know it could have severe negative consequences.

Texas CFM Training

Our primary goal is to ensure that well trained and qualified food managers are running Texas’s restaurants. Therefore, our training program not only covers the material on the exam, but the other material which a Texas Food Manager must know. We are very sure that our training will provide the most qualified food managers in Texas. We are very passionate about this. This is our attempt at customer service to satisfy our customers needs and desires.

Get paper and pencil for notes, grab some popcorn, and watch a movie. Study a module, take a break, then go to the next one.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you take our food manager training course, we will guarantee your passage on the exam. Both the training and exam must be taken through our websites. Training and test include text and email
support for questions concerning the content of the course and other food manager related questions. We are here to ensure your success.

Food Manager Exam

Preparing for the exam. Please read carefully.

There are 70 questions on the exam. To pass, you must correctly answer 70% of them. The exam will show you how you are doing as you progress through it.

The test is timed. You have one and one half (1 1/2) hour to complete the exam.

Once the exam is begun, you must continue the exam. This must be done in one sitting.

Once the exam is begun, you cannot do anything on your device except continue with the exam. If you open a new browser page, for example, you will instantly fail the exam.

At the beginning, it will ask you several questions such as what your favorite color is. Record your answers to be sure that you remember how you answer them. This is not as silly as it seems. During the exam, you will be asked these questions, and they must be properly answered or you will fail the exam. Their purpose is to attempt to ensure that the person who signed up for the exam is the one who is currently taking the exam.

You will be given two attempts to complete the exam. If you fail the first one, call us before your second attempt for a little coaching.

If you have any questions about the exam, get them answered before beginning the exam.

On the page that the following link opens, scroll down to the bottom and select the $35.00 exam. This is the one that you want, not the other options. The exam is presented by our VAR partner.

Food Manager Responsibilities

To provide a training curriculum known to teach all the essential food manager training and the food manager exam has been implemented by Texas State Law.

The Texas Department of State Health Services, TX DSHS, has been responsible for accrediting food manager training and food manager exam since 1988.

All food enterprises are required by law to have a certified Texas Food Manager present whenever that business is serving unpackaged food to the public. The manager is more than a business and employee manager, they are in a legal position to be responsible for the safe preparation, storage, and holding of the food, as well as the cleanliness of the restaurant and employee hygiene. If a food borne illness outbreak is traced to their restaurant, and you are found to be negligent of your duties, you could find yourself not only unemployed, but in various legal problems.

These are the City of Houston Food Manager Certification Manuals. They provide a great study guide and reference.

City of Houston Food Manager Manual English

City of Houston Food Manager Manual Spanish

Texas Food Manager Training and Exam Centers

Locations are available to take the Food Manager Training and Food Manager Exam at various locations throughout the state, if for some reason, you just must do it in a classroom setting. Here is a list from the DSHS website:

City list of Classroom Instruction PDF
County list of Classroom Instruction PDF
City list of test sites PDF
County list of test sites PDF

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