LISA FSMA an aid in understanding the FDA FSMA



The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act was an act of congress to address modern scientific advances in food safety training. It was mainly changes to be made to US Codes concerning food safety.

As such, the act contains many cryptic citations which nearly nullifies comprehension of the FDA FSMA by interested parties. It is more of an internal memo than a list of things for them to do, rather than things to be done by industry professionals. It is more of a plan by various government agencies to update food safety to modern disciplines of food safety.

We re-wrote the FDA FSMA to be an aid in understanding the FDA FSMA. It is prose, while the FDA FSMA is not.

FDA FSMA – FDA Food Safety Moderinazation Act

LISA FSMA – An aid in understanding the FDA FSMA of 2011

Purpose of this document

The purpose of this effort is to translate public law 111-353, known as the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act into an easily understandable format for those in the food safety industry, and to understand the intent and direction with which this document proposes.


Input document: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, a very structured and technical document as a plan for government agencies to upgrade food safety to current scientific food safety.

Output document: LISA FSMA. I could not use “FDA” in a document which I generate, since they have no knowledge, input, or approval of such document. Not having a better idea, I named it the LISA FSMA.

The LISA FSMA is a prose document, extracted, interpreted and written to aid in understanding ot the FDA FSMA. This document has no governing agencies approvals, knowledge, or direction. It was written by me, for my purposes only of attempting to aid understanding of the FDA FSMA Act of 2011.

Errors, omissions, and miss-interpretations are likely. Reading this document implicitly provides acknowledgment of this statement, and claims no responsibility as to it’s accuracy. Neither Lisa gene Cox, nor Texas Best Food Services Training will be held accountable for any errors, omissions, or miss-understandings.

It is my hope that this effort will aid the US food industry, and Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), the Texas Food Safety Goddesses and Gods, whom I proudly serve.

Written by Lisa gene Cox, April 2018, Austin Texas.