Refund Policy

For courses provided by, Learn2Serve, or @HomePrep see their website at or Their refund policies will apply to course contents provided by them and refunds must be obtained from them. That is beyond our control.

For Texas Food Handler Courses offered by Texas Best Food Services Training LLC:

If you complete a course, applied for a certificate, and / or were issued one, refunds will not be offered under any circumstance.

If you have not been issued a certificate, you may request a refund for any reason, as long as it has been less than 3 days (72 hours), from the point of sale. You MUST contact us by email at to receive a refund. The email must include your name, date that course was taken, and the reason for the request.

If you request or generate a State Food Handler Certificate and or a specific city or county registration that is priced on this website at a different price than your billing shows, billing details may be adjusted accordingly, and refunds will not be offered after the certificate is generated.

For HACCP, Food Manager, and First Aid / CPR courses

Since signing up for the HACCP or Food Manager courses grants access to all course materials, refunds are not available for Texas Best Food Services Training HACCP students, Food Manager Students, or First Aid / CPR students.
Last updated 07/19/2021