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Texas Food Manager Legal Requirement

Food Manager Training and Food Manager Exam from the convenience of your home or business. Your certificate will be immediately printable after your completion, and is valid for 5 years.

Training and Exam in Spanish ($35.00), and English ($45.00). Training and Exam Bundles also Enroll Now!


Texas Food Manager Training Food Manager Exam

Texas Laws states that a certified Texas Food Manager be present whenever a business is selling unpackaged food to the public. This certification is appropriate for all restaurant managers, chefs, instructors, and shift supervisors who are in-charge in a restaurant, food cart or any business that sells unpackaged food to the public.

Food Manager Training Overview

Providing safe food to the public is a requirement of any restaurant, food cart, or other food and beverage service business.

Failure to do so could result in financial ruin for the business and legal action taken by the government authorities or individuals affected.

To provide a training curriculum known to teach all the essential food manager training and the food manager exam has been implemented by Texas State Law.

The Texas Department of State Health Services, TX DSHS, has been responsible for accrediting food manager training and food manager exam since 1988.

All food enterprises are required by law to have a certified Texas Food Manager present whenever that business is serving unpackaged food to the public. The manager is more than a business and employee manager, they are in a legal position to be responsible for the safe preparation, storage, and holding of the food, as well as the cleanliness of the restaurant and employee hygiene. If a food borne illness outbreak is traced to their restaurant, and you are found to be negligent of your duties, you could find yourself not only unemployed, but in various legal problems.

Food Manager Training and Exam

Food Manager Training, Food Manager Exam Online

Texas DSHS has licensed several online training providers to provide approved curriculum for Food Manager Training and Exam to all interested and required applicants.

Benefits of e-Learning:

Training You Can Trust: Learn2Serve Food Services Training has a reputation of providing outstanding training courses to people in all parts of the United States. These courses have been adapted from the latest Regulatory Requirements, certified with State and Local Authorities, and presented in an enjoyable and effective learning format.

Cost Savings: Complete your training from the comfort of your office or home. No additional costs for travel, gas, and parking!

Flexibility: Remove the need for dedicated classroom hours with availability online, anytime and anywhere! All you need is an internet connection.

Texas Food Manager Training Food Manager ExamTexas Food Managers Certificate English and Spanish

Earn a Certificate: Participants receive a Certificate of Attendance upon completing an e-Learning course.

Food Manager Training and Exam Centers

Locations are available to take the Food Manager Training and Food Manager Exam at various locations throughout the state. Here is a list from the DSHS website:
City list of Classroom Instruction PDF
County list of Classroom Instruction PDF
City list of test sites PDF
County list of test sites PDF

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