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This is a complete Food Manager training, testing and certification package. The training, testing and certification are tedious and time consuming. Fluency in English is required. If you do not have 20 hours to spend on this package dont do it. However this 20 hours can be spread out over as long as you desire. It contains:

1. DSHS approved Texas Food Manager training. These videos and / or PDF’s are 14 hours long by state law.
You must spend 600 hours in training to recieve your certificate for passing a Texas Food Manager training course.
This training will enable you to take the national food manager test or the Texas food manager test. Training is not required to take the Texas test, but is required to take a naitonal food manager exam.

2. Reviews and practice tests for the Texas DSHS exams.

3. Food Manager testing, through either or TBFST LLC.

4. After succesfully completing the above, you will be given another certificate which states you passed the test, which is the TX DSHS requirement for being a Texas Food Manager.

5. These certificates will then need to be registered with you local health department to certify you as a Food Manager in their district, and they will issue you another certificate which is to be displayed in your place of business.

By state law, at least one certified food manager must be present when open food is sold and served to the public in Texas.

Working your way through this is complex and very time consuming. You must be willing to do the work to be certified as a Texas Food Manager by us. Print this page out if possible or save to a PDF so you can refer back to it.

FIRST: Pay for this package. This is to be done at the link below on our main site. It will open in a seperate tab for your convenience. When you see “Thank You”, this step has been completed then come back here for further instructions:

Pay for Complete Texas Food Manager Training, test, and certification – valid for five years $54.95

SECOND: Create an account on our Food Manager site, which is seperate from our main site:
We have noticed that the part below which is not noticed is that the enrollment key is ‘food’.
Go to
TBFST LLC Food Manager site

Click on “Online Food Manager Classroom ENG”. The Spanish version has not been completed.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click “Create new account”

Fill out the information. For your username use your email address, then choose a password you can remember.

It will send you an email verification. Please verify your email address with that link.

Click on “your registration has been confirmed.”

Then go to “SITE HOME” in the menu in the upper left corner.

You will then see “Online Food Manager Training.”

Scroll to the bottom and put “food” in the key box. Then click “Enroll Me”

You will then see your course and the videos to watch. The first two links are instructions.

The course is 14 hours by state law. When completed, you will get a course completion certificate.

Then please take the practice test.

You have paid for the TBFST Certified Food Manager Exam. Please take a screen shot or a completion score of 70% or above and email it to me with a reminder of your name as well as to what is going on. I will then certify you and send your your certification.

You have support by emailing or texting us at 512-822-1661.

Thank you so much for choosing Texas Best Food Services Training LLC.

Last updated 11/24/2022