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houston food handler

Houston food handler / Harris County Texas Food Handler and TABC. Courses are taught in Spanish and English.

Complete State of Texas Food Handler Certificaiton $9.95

$6.45 City of Houston / Harris County Food Handler Click here!

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Houston / Harris / Texas Food Manager Training ($259.95), with certificate.

Houston / Harris / Texas Food Manager Training ($29.95), with optional exam ($35.00 more at end of course.)

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Houston Food Handler

Houston food handler / Harris County and the State of Texas requires Food establishments to provide training in both food safety and sanitation to all employees who prepare, serve, or in any way handle food and/or drinks that are served to the public. Having a staff trained in proper food handling, hand washing, and sanitation procedures is a sign of the establishment’s commitment to insuring that every effort is made to provide safe and sanitary food to the consumer.

There is no test and the course is self-paced. We have a Spanish and English version. The course is a series of five movies and then you will be allowed to print your Harris County approved certificate. An email version of your certificate will follow the next morning, so if you do not have a printer attached to your device, there is no problem. If you do not have a certificate the next day, please check your spam file before calling us. We usually do this about 9:00 A.M. the next day.

Total price for this Houston food handler / Harris County approved course is $6.45.

Houston / Harris County Registration $6.45 click here

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¡ Bienvenido al curso de seguridad alimentaria manejadores para el Condado de Harris. Esto es de un manejador alimentos aprobados por el Departamento de Texas de servicios de salud estatales y del Condado de Harris.

Condado de Harris alienta enérgicamente a los establecimientos de comida para brindar capacitación en inocuidad de los alimentos y sanidad a todos los empleados que manejan alimentos o bebidas. Tener un personal capacitado en la manipulación de alimentos adecuados, lavarse las manos y los procedimientos de saneamiento es un signo de compromiso del establecimiento para asegurar que se hace todo esfuerzo para proporcionar alimentos seguros y sanitarios para el consumidor.

Este curso se imparte en español e inglés. No hay ninguna prueba y el curso es semipresencial. La versión en inglés es una serie de seis películas y luego se le permitirá imprimir su certificado aprobado del Condado de Harris. Seguirá una versión del correo de su certificado. El curso deAsí que si usted no tiene una impresora conectada al dispositivo, no hay ningún problema.
español es una serie de seis pdf ver a continuación, se le permitirá imprimir su certificado con una versión del correo electrónico a seguir,

Precio total para este curso aprobado del Condado de Harris es $6.45.

Houston / controlador de alimentos del Condado de Harris en Español

Houston Food Handler / food manager classroom training in Houston

Classroom training by the City of Houston is held at the following locations. The price is $11.18, paid in cask, credit card, or blood. The above on-line training is recommended since it is half the price and much more convenient than driving there, finding parking, not being able to smoke, drink, or raise hell during class. Nor can you bring young, living, screaming humanoids to class. Think about it. This must be paid before attending the class.

Call 832-393-5100 for the class schedules below if you choose this training option.

Environmental Pollution Control Services: 7411 Park Place
Southwest Multi-Service Center: 6400 Highstar
West End Multi Service Center: 170 Heights Blvd.
Denver Harbor Multi-Service Center: 6402 Market
Tracy Gee Community Center: 3599 Westcenter Drive

City of Houston Health Department
8000 N Stadium Dr, Houston, TX 77055
(832) 393-5427
City of Houston Health Department web-site

Houston food handler and food manager information page

City of Houston Texas Health Department Website.

Texas Department of State Health Services Food Handler Information


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